Don’t Worry, Be Happy With Light Therapy for SAD

light-therapy-for-sadSeasonal Affective Disorder can have some serious impacts on a person’s life through the dark winter months. From inability to get out of bed, to increased appetite and weight gain, to not wanting to do any social activities, to full blown depression — SAD can make lives very difficult.

Fortunately, the answer to most people’s SAD is very simple. Light therapy for SAD is an easy, relatively risk-free solution that you can do from your very own home. People don’t have to suffer with SAD each year. They don’t have to hibernate through the winter months, lose touch with friends and family because they can’t bear to be social, or gain weight because all they want to do is sit around and eat carbs.

Instead, people can choose to be happy by treating SAD with daily light therapy. Light therapy boxes, like those sold by Alaska Northern Lights, are designed specifically for treating SAD and the winter blues. The stronger the light therapy box, such as boxes that emit 10,000 lux, the less therapy time will be required each day. Most people require daily light therapy to treat SAD, sitting near a strong light box for up to 45 minutes each morning.

It is believed that the light emitted from light box therapy mimics sunlight and signals changes in a person’s brain via the eyes. These hormonal and chemical changes help regulate a person’s mood, easing the symptoms of SAD.

One of the best things about light therapy for SAD, is there is not much risk associated with using a light box. If a person has any eye trouble, he or she may want to clarify with a doctor that the light box will not harm the eyes any further. A doctor will also be able to advise of any other issues or help review a light box therapy schedule and monitor the results.

It is great to know that people hold the power to make SAD, and their lives, better. No one has to suffer through the winter each year with this problem. Buying a light box and conducting daily light box therapy will help diminish SAD symptoms. Don’t worry, be happy with light therapy for SAD.