Switching On Your Happy Light

northern-lights-lighting-companyIf you could make yourself feel better, feel lighter and feel brighter, by turning on a switch, wouldn’t you do it? This is what the Northern Lights lighting company Alaska Northern Lights has been specializing in for decades. For those suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), or even from a milder case of the winter blues, it really can be as easy as switching on your happy light.

Symptoms of SAD can start in the late fall and last until early spring, corresponding with the lesser amounts of daylight during this time of year. The symptoms can range from having difficulty waking up in the morning, decreased energy, increased appetite and subsequent weight gain, withdrawing from social activities and full-blown depression.

If you have been suffering with these symptoms year after year, it is time for you to switch on your happy light. You don’t have to suffer through the winter time any longer. The Northern Lights lighting company produces light boxes that will help you see results quickly.

The light boxes produced by Alaska Northern Lights will allow you to find your own SAD therapy treatment that works for you. It might be sitting by the light box, about 3 feet away, every morning for 45 minutes while you read the morning paper. It might be relaxing for 30 minutes while sitting near your light box and sipping on a morning coffee. You will be able to determine how much light therapy is needed each day for you, in order for you to find your happy.

Researchers believe that light therapy works to replace the actual sunlight over the course of the darker winter months. It is believed that the light sends signals to the brain through the eyes, helping to regulate a person’s mood. The Northern Lights lighting company have become experts at helping customers switch on their happy lights when they purchase one of the company’s light boxes.

Both the NorthStar 10,000™ Light Box as well as the Aurora LightPad™ (LED) are available and both will help you overcome your winter blues or SAD. It is time to find the answer to your SAD. It is time to flip the switch on your happy light.