Things To Do While Using Your Light Box

light-box-therapyLight box therapy can be the answer to Seasonal Affective Disorder, or to the winter blues, which disrupt many lives every year. When the days get shorter, with less sunlight, many people feel affected and suffer in silence with their depression. With light box therapy, you no longer have to suffer through the dark winter months.

When you buy the NorthStar 10,000™ Light Box or the Aurora LightPad™ (LED) from Alaska Northern Lights, you are very close to finding the answer to your winter problems. The next step will be determining how much light box therapy is right for you. Both of these products are powerful light boxes at 10,000 lux, which means that most people typically only need up to 45 minutes per day near the light in order to feel the positive effects.

It is great to think that spending only 45 minutes per day near your light box will help diminish the effects of SAD, or the winter blues. But 45 minutes can start to feel like a long time to just sit near a therapy lamp. That is why it is always best to find something you love to do during that 45 minute period.

For example, if you are a knitter, this would be a great time to work on that scarf you have been meaning to finish. Or to knit that baby blanket for a little one’s imminent arrival. If you are a reader, this is the perfect time to finish the latest book of interest, or to finally start that copy of War and Peace that your grandfather gave you.

While sitting for your 45 minute light box therapy session in the morning, it might also be the perfect time to eat your breakfast. Following your meal, you can take the rest of the time to read the morning paper and catch up on world news. If you are a workaholic and can’t bear the thought of spending 45 minutes away from your work, then don’t. Set your light box therapy light near your desk so you can be working while also receiving light therapy.

You can paint your nails or play games on a tablet or surf the Internet to your heart’s content. Any way you look at it, that 45 minutes of time that you spend in light therapy treatment each morning is so beneficial. It will help eradicate SAD from your life and help you stay functional, happy and healthy through the long winter months. What you do during that 45 minute light box therapy time is totally up to you!