Five things you can do to improve your morning routine

We are all often looking for life hacks that will help us to get more out of our days. For many people, a good day begins with a healthy morning routine. Getting the right start in the morning is very important for setting a standard for the day. What does a healthy morning routine consist of? Let’s take a look at some of the key characteristics.


We get it, you may be very busy. Breakfast is often one of the easiest meals to skip. Grabbing a cup of coffee instead of an actual meal can be a time saver. However, having a healthy breakfast should absolutely be a part of your morning routine. It powers your brain and gives you an energy boost, two things necessary for a productive day. Not to mention other benefits like preventing weight gain.

Focus Exercises

One thing that many people find beneficial in the morning is to integrate one or more brief exercises to help them focus or mentally prepare for the day. This can look different depending on personal preference. Some people prefer to engage in meditation independently or through the use of guided apps. Some people opt for light yoga. Others may do breathing exercises. However, adding some aspect of relaxation and focus can help boost productivity and relieve stress.

Make a To Do List

One of the most helpful things for some people is to have a to do list. After all, doesn’t it feel so good to cross items off of that list. This can be an activity done in as little as five minutes. Start with the most important things to accomplish during the day and jot them down. Next, move on to things that would be nice to do. At the end of the day, hopefully you’ve knocked out the essentials and a few of the “nice” items.

Light Therapy

Light therapy can be a tremendously useful thing to include in your standard morning routine. After all, light therapy has been found to affect the brain chemicals linked with mood and sleep. Consistent light therapy can have huge benefits for your outlook and restfulness. Try 30 minutes each morning. You can even do it while meditating, eating breakfast, or making your to do list since it is a passive activity.


While hitting the gym in the morning is certainly great, that isn’t exactly what we are talking about. A morning routine does not have to contain strenuous exercise. However, you should make time to get moving for at least fifteen minutes. This can include something as simple as a short walk around the block. Exercise boosts mood and helps your body awaken.



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