Choosing a Light Box

light box therapyOnce a medical professional has come to the conclusion that light box therapy would help treat your seasonal affective disorder (SAD), then you will need to begin the process of choosing a light box. While there are several different types on the market, it is always wise to go with a company who has a solid reputation and whose products consistently receive great reviews.

At Alaska Northern Lights, we have been supplying light boxes for light box therapy treatment to our customers since 1993. We not only know the positive effects light box therapy can have on those suffering from SAD, a form of depression, but our company’s beginnings are founded on this fact.

Our light box therapy company was founded by Neil Wagner, who, at the time, was looking for solutions to his wife’s debilitating health issues. SAD symptoms can consist of fatigue and low energy, social withdrawal, sadness and anxiety, irritability and weight gain, generally starting in the late fall and continuing through the winter months.

Watching his wife suffer from this winter-time depression, Wagner designed and manufactured Alaska Northern Lights’ original light box product, and found that light box therapy relieved many symptoms, including depression and lethargy. Since the very beginning, customer feedback and referrals from both customers and doctors has been overwhelming.

Light Box Therapy: My Recommendations

“I recommend both the NorthStar 10,000™ and the Aurora LightPad™ for all my patients that suffer from Seasonal Depression and Seasonal Affective Disorder. I am a true believer in light box therapy and have numerous patients benefit from this treatment. It is a natural and safe treatment that is incredibly effective,” said Dr.Christopher Pederson, MD, MPH, DABPM.

So when you are deciding which product to buy for your light box therapy, go for the ones made by Alaska Northern Lights, who have been helping people relieve their SAD symptoms for more than 20 years. We have helped our own family members, now we want to help you.