SAD Light Helped Me

sad-lightI didn’t have a lot of hope that anything could help me, never mind a SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) light. I had experienced this darkness for several years and I had pretty much given up hope that I would ever feel normal again.

Every year I thought it was better, because I would start to feel like myself again in the summer time. Things seemed brighter. Then summer would roll into fall and again a deep depression would set in, bringing back my feelings of gloominess, my anxiety and my desire to not talk to anyone or go anywhere. This happened every year. Then I spoke with a friend who had a SAD light.

My friend told me how sitting near the SAD light for a designated time every day, starting in the fall before depression set in, until April, really helped him. I asked my doctor about it and he said it was a safe and natural treatment that I should explore.

My research of SAD lights led me to Alaska Northern Lights, where I decided to purchase the NorthStar 10,000™. Truthfully, I felt like I was grasping at straws…but I had nothing to lose. Little did I know that making that online purchase would be a huge step in reclaiming my old life.

Within a week of using my SAD light, I thought I began to notice a bit of difference. I sat near it, reading the newspaper, every morning for 30 minutes. By three weeks, I was sure it was working. Waking up in the morning started to get easier. I had higher energy levels and didn’t want to just stay in my apartment all day. I started to eat healthier meals again and wanted to see family and friends. After the first month and a half of SAD light treatment, I felt like my depression was totally gone. It felt amazing after years of feeling nothing but darkness through the winter months.

SAD light treatment helped me. There is a good chance it can help you too. Contact Alaska Northern Lights today and take your first step toward feeling better.