SAD and Bright Light Therapy

bright light therapyWhen you think of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), the next thing you should think of is bright light therapy. Bright light therapy is a safe and effective type of treatment that has been known to help relieve symptoms from those suffering from what is sometimes referred to as the “winter blues.”

SAD is a type of depression that generally starts to affect people beginning in late fall, when the amount of sunshine through the day is diminished. It continues through the darker winter months, usually lasting until spring, when there is increased hours of sunshine during the day. Bright light therapy often helps those suffering with SAD, when people spend a designated period per day, often in the morning, sitting near a bright light therapy box.

Before trying bright light therapy, those suffering from SAD can have low energy and lethargy, an increased appetite for carbohydrates, the need to sleep more, wanting less social time with friends and family, depression, anxiety and weight gain, just to name a few symptoms. After starting bright light therapy, positive effects can be felt quickly.

Usually within a week of starting bright light therapy, those suffering from SAD will begin to feel an improvement. This therapy is the most established treatment for this type of depression. However, if bright light therapy is not helping your specific situation, then you should see a doctor to determine if your ongoing depression is caused by other factors.

Alaska Northern Lights offers two different bright light therapy products to help you. There is the NorthStar 10,000™, which is one of the best light boxes on the market, and the Aurora LightPad™, which is the largest LED light box on the market. Both of these products are effective at relieving the symptoms of SAD. Try them today and start feeling like yourself again.