Will Insurance Cover My Light Box?

This is a very common question for those purchasing light boxes from us. Our answer? It depends a lot on your insurance type and company, as well as how your doctor presents the medical issue and treatment to your provider.  Some insurance companies will cover the treatments of SAD sufferers, and some will not.

We suggest that you check with your insurance company first.  SAD is becoming more and more acceptable as a real medical condition, and so more insurance companies have been insuring treatment for SAD.  But how your doctor diagnoses you, depends on how much your insurance company will cover. If your insurance company doesn’t cover it at all, or only partially covers it, you will want to make sure you have the financial ability to cover what your insurance company will not.

If your doctor is not very familiar with SAD and the treatment, you may want to find a doctor that is. One that is very familiar with the treatment and what results to expect, will also probably be very familiar with all the codes and key language that needs to be used in order to have the insurance company respond by accepting the claim and covering the treatment including the lights themselves. If you aren’t satisfied with your doctor’s response, don’t be afraid to research and find a doctor that will meet your needs as far as SAD therapy.

Once you have purchased your light box, you will want to have your doctor fill out our insurance form (you can find it on our home page or under the products tab). Then you will send the insurance form and your sales receipt to your insurance company.



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