Bulb Installation – NorthStar 10,000 Light Box

When you first receive your NorthStar 10,000 Light Box, the bulbs will not be installed yet. In order to keep them from breaking during shipping, the bulbs are inside the light box wrapped in bubble wrap. Before you can get started with light therapy, you will need to open the unit and install a light bulb. Here are a few easy steps to get your light box ready to use (make sure the unit is unplugged before starting the assembly process):

  1. First you will need to get access to the inside of the light box. When the therapy light unit is standing up (handle on top) and facing you (plastic diffuser cover is facing you) there are 2 screw on the left side of the unit. Use a phillips head screwdriver to remove those 2 screws along with the metal end strip. Slide the plastic diffuser cover out of the unit.
  2. Now that you have opened the unit, you will need to take the bubble wrap off the bulbs. Once the bulbs are fully unwrapped, they are ready to be installed.
  3. To install the bulbs, you will need to line up the 4 prongs on the bulbs with the 4 prong socket. Push the prongs into the socket and then rest the other end of the bulb into the plastic bulb clip that is sticking out of the reflector (mirror piece). Do this for both bulbs.
  4. Now that the bulbs are fully inserted into the sockets, you will need to secure them into place with the top bulb clip. The 2 top clips are taped to the inside of your light box, next to the top socket. Place the top clip over the bottom bulb clip and push down – locking the top clip into place. (There is a diagram of this in the instruction booklet)
  5. Once both clips are in place, you are ready to close the unit. Simply replace the plastic diffuser cover and metal end strip and reinstall the screws.

Your light therapy box is now ready to go! Just plug it in and flip the red switch and you can start your daily light therapy sessions!