Not Just For Winter Depression

Light Therapy is a very common treatment for seasonal depression but did you know that it’s also a great way to treat non-seasonal depression? If you are someone that suffers during the winter months, then you only need to use your light box while your SAD symptoms persist. For those who suffer with depression all year, it is a great idea to use a light box every morning. Using a light therapy box will help your body produce serotonin which gives you energy and boosts your mood.

Since everyone’s body absorbs light differently, it is up to you to make any necessary adjustments to your light box phototherapy schedule. You have the ability to use the light for a little more or less time and you can also change the position of the unit if needed. If the light is bothering you at all, simply move it slightly farther off to the side – just make sure that it is still shining towards your face for your eyes to absorb. Most aspects of light therapy are totally adjustable, just make sure not to use the light for longer than about 90 minutes each day and try not to use it past 1 pm so that it doesn’t keep you up at night. Using light box phototherapy to treat Seasonal Affective Disorder is easy, you just need to figure out what schedule is best for you.