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SAD Lights Cure Depression

Ever wonder why you feel off during the winter season? You binge on food and feel like sleeping all the time. The wimpy-jumpy-and-hypersensitive you take over and you lack the energy and enthusiasm to do things – even getting in the sack! SAD light just might be the happy solution for your problem. You’re not […]

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Light Therapy Can Improve Sleep Disorders

A new study suggests that doctors who prescribe medications for sleep disorders should try recommending bright light therapy or phototherapy.  The therapy has been found to be effective for those with insomnia and circadian rhythm issues like jet lags, delayed sleep phase disorders. A study of 16 veterans diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder, also known as PTSD, in […]

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Light Therapy for Insomnia

5 Things You Need to Know About Bright Light Therapy for Insomnia 1. See the Light and Make it Bright – Cure your insomnia with bright light therapy. Bright light therapy involves sitting in front of a therapeutic light box for a prescribed amount of time each day. Therapeutic light boxes use diffused fluorescent light […]

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Send in a Testimonial!

Share Your Story, Win an iPad 3!!! How has YOUR light box impacted or changed your life? Video Testimonial Giveaway: Send us a short video telling us how your light box has impacted your life. For sending us your video testimonial, you will be entered to win an iPad 3!!! So join the fun and […]

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