What To Look For In A Light Box

For someone who is looking to start using light therapy, choosing a light therapy box can be quite a task. You want to make sure to find a light that will not harm you in any way, as well as a light that will be easy to use and effective. Here are some basic tips for choosing a light therapy box.

  • 10,000 LUX – make sure to use a light box that delivers 10,000 LUX. This is basically the amount of light that your body will absorb and you need to be in the 10,000 LUX range in order for your light box to have the desired effect.
  • White Light – we always recommend to use a broad spectrum light box because it is a white light and it has no UV. Some light boxes use full spectrum lights with are usually blue or have a hint of blue to them – these lights contain UV. Though the unit might have a diffuser to help block the UV, it can still be risky to use this type of light. With broad spectrum lights, you don’t have to worry about it causing any harm to your skin or eyes since there is no UV.
  • Distance from Light Box – make sure to find a light that delivers the appropriate amount of light at a good distance. Some lights need to be within 10-12 inches of you in order for them to be effective, so it can be hard to find a time and place to use them. Our lights can be used at a full 2 feet away (or more) which gives you more versatility to where and when you can use it.
  • Quality and Warranty – a light box is a big purchase and it is something that you will want to have for many years. Make sure to find a unit that will last not only through the winter but also many future seasons. A good indicator of the quality of the unit is the warranty that is offered. We offer a full 7 year warranty because we know that your therapy light is very important and we guarantee it will last you a long time. If you see a therapy lamp unit that comes with a short warranty period, it is probably an indicator that it may not last long.