The Sun Spot

My name is Cort Christie, and I’m the President of Alaska Northern Lights. I wanted to share with you a story about two ladies that are trying to spread the word about Light Therapy and ask you for your help in supporting them. I have never asked for help from our customers before, but I was so moved and impressed with these two ladies that I feel compelled to share their story with you.

Last winter, I was home visiting my family in Duluth, Minnesota (my hometown) and Jessica Loggins, my business partner, asked me to stop in and meet Katherine and Sue York of The Sun Spot. The Sun Spot is the most creative community outreach concept that I have ever seen. Katherine and Sue purchased a small bus in 2015 and had it renovated into a Mobile Light Therapy Bus to educate the public on Seasonal Affective Disorder and to bring Bright Light Therapy with them everywhere they went.

The concept was to stop by the offices of mid-sized businesses in Minnesota on a schedule so that employees could leave for breaks to the bus for daily light therapy treatments. As a small business, The Sun Spot has struggled in their first year during their expansion and laying the groundwork. In this next phase of their business, they are asking for help through a crowdfunding campaign.

You can visit their Facebook page here: and please, at the very least, like them to help expand their reach.

Here is a link to help support them financially on their crowdfunding site. It literally takes just 2 minutes to contribute:

These ladies are absolutely amazing and truly want to help sufferers of winter and seasonal depression. Even a small $10 donation will help Katherine and Sue keep The Sun Spot bus on the road.


All my best,

Cort Christie