The Dark Days

January and February are probably the worst months of the year for seasonal affective disorder sufferers. There are many things to do fight winter depression during theses dark days.

  • Get more light in a safe way. You can:

• Use your light box regularly

• Keep our curtains open in the bedroom

• Get outdoors whenever the sun is out

• Take a drive in your car when the sun is out

• Brighten up your home

• Spend time in the brightest room in your house

  • Minimize your stress:

• Don’t undertake unnecessary duties or chores

• Delay what can be delayed

• Don’t allow guilt to prevent you from saying no

  • Explain to others what is going on and tell them what they can do to make your life easier
  • Exercise as much as you can
  • If you are not on medications and are still laboring under the burden of winter, discuss with your doctor the possibility of starting them
  • If you are on medications and they do not seem to be helping, talk to your doctor about other possibilities
  • Keep a journal
  • Find out what brings you enjoyment and do more of it
  • Find out what brings you discontentment and do less of it
  • Accept the down time
  • Accept that winter may never feel as good as the other seasons
  • Busy some forced bulbs and watch them grow and bloom in the dark months.
  • Wait for spring, because sooner or later it will come