Getting Through The Long Winter Months

sad-lightThere are a number of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) lights on the market these days. But when buying one to start your own treatment at home, it is always best to go with a reputable company that has many years’ experience of relieving people’s SAD symptom.

Alaska Northern Lights has been producing quality SAD lights for more than 20 years. Our start in this business didn’t come from a desire to make money, but rather from a desire to help a loved one. Company creator, Neil Wagner, designed and manufactured Alaska Northern Lights’ first SAD light box when he was searching for answers to his wife’s debilitating health problems.

That search led Mr. Wagner to produce a SAD light that we still manufacture today, as it continues to bring relief to those suffering depression symptoms in the winter months. The creation of our light box products was a personal matter and we still love hearing from people whose lives have changed because of our product.

Bob, from Vermont, told us this about his SAD light, “I never would have believed a set of lights could have such a huge impact. I saw results the first day. Feeling normal/functional is such an incredible feeling! I’ve been using my light box for about a month now, and I still can’t believe what a miracle it is.”

It gives us great pleasure to know that our SAD lights, created to help Mr. Wagner’s wife, are still bringing people relief and making people’s lives better, today. We have both the NorthStar 10,000™ and the Aurora LightPad™ (LED) available to offer you relief. Most people feel relief from SAD symptoms within a week of sitting near the SAD light on a daily basis.

Don’t order a SAD light from a company that doesn’t have a long history in helping people. Instead, go with a product from Alaska Northern Lights, a company who has a proven track record at helping people with SAD.