Needing a Little Help In The Mornings?

The days are starting to get darker, and for many areas  right now. I have talked with a few customers lately about timers for their light box. Unfortunately, the North Star 10,000 does not have a timer but with the holiday season coming up you can easily purchase a plug in timer to connect your light box to. Just plug the timer into the wall, the North Star 10,000 to the timer and set it for the time you want to wake up.

I found a few plug in timers that are anywhere from $4- $37 with Home Depot. But you can purchase these at any local hardware store to turn your therapy light into a morning light alarm clock, but prices may vary.

GE 24 Hour Indoor Plug-In Basic Timer – $4

This timer is ideal for lamps, seasonal lighting or portable fans. It features a convenient override allowing you to immediately change the setting. Programmable in 30 minute intervals with multiple daily settings

GE Indoor Plug-In Big Button Timer – $6

This timer is easy to set in 30 minute intervals. It also featrues an override switch which allows you to cancel or change any setting.

* These two seem the easiest for setting it for in the morning to have it turn on to wake you up.

GE 7 Day Indoor Plug-In Digital Heavy Duty Timer with 2 Grounded Outlets – $17

Electronic timer. This dual outlet timer will automate two lamps or other electronic devices. You can program it using easy preset options or custom settings for each day of the week. Programmable in a weekly cycle.

Honeywell Plug-In Timer – $37

This Aube by Honeywell multi-purpose timer is ideal for year around applications indoors or outdoors.

When you are not using the timer for your light box, think about using it for pool pumps and heaters, dehumidifiers, sprinkler systems, outdoor lighting, Christmas lights, block heaters, space heaters, gutter heater cables, or any outdoor lighting.