7 Year Warranty

With the purchase of any new light therapy products (NorthStar 10,000, Aurora LightPad Mini or Aurora LightPad Max) you get a full 7 years of warranty coverage for your device! With the different types of lights, the warranty coverage is slightly different. Here are the exact descriptions of what the warranty covers for each light box:

NorthStar 10,000: The 7 year warranty for this light box covers the actual light box itself. This includes the body of the box, the handle, the wiring, and the sockets. Other parts of the unit come with a different warranty – the bulbs have a 1 year warranty and the ballast comes with a 5 year warranty.

Aurora LightPad Mini and Aurora LightPad Max: The 7 year warranty for these light boxes covers the entire unit, including the cord. Since these LightPads use special LEDs, you never have to worry about replacing a bulb – the LEDs last about 60 years!

During the 7 year warranty of your light box, if anything were to happen to the unit, we will happily repair it at our repair center (you just have to ship it to us). If there is something that we can not easily fix, we will replace it with a brand new unit.

The warranty covers any natural damage (i.e. normal wear and tear). Examples of damage that what would not be covered by the warranty: if the unit was dropped or the cord was chewed up by a pet.

After the 7 year warranty, if there is any repair needed on the light therapy box, you can still send it in to our repair center, there will just be a small repair fee.