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10 Tips to Deal With Seasonal Affective Disorder

Now that fall has begun, it is important for people to learn about seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and teach them preventative techniques as well as coping mechanisms to help manage the symptoms. SAD is form of depression that occurs around the same time every year, generally during the months of September to May. What are the symptoms […]

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6 Ways to Fight End-of Summer Blues

Summer is coming to an end. Feeling down around this time is quite common, especially for those of us who live in colder climates and can see the winter approaching. Here are 6 ways to fight those end-of-summer blues: #1. Get sunlight. Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) affects up to 10% of people. You may not have full […]

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Recognize SAD

Many parts of the United States has recenlty been hit with snow, rain or just plain cold temperature. It’s also when people are really feeling SAD.  And by SAD I mean their Seasonal Affective Disorder. Recognizing the Onset of SAD Are your mood swings more aggravated during winter? Do you feel a deep sense of […]

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Foods to help beat the winter blues

Fox News recently had this article on what foods may help you beat winter depression: Day after day of gray skies and cold weather, and you just might find yourself coming down with a case of the winter blues.  The winter doesn’t only affect the way we feel, but it also can change the way we eat.  You may […]

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Do You Need a Vitamin D Supplement?

Vitamin D provides a wide range of health benefits. It is effective in preventing rickets and treating other bone diseases such as osteoporosis. According to the Mayo Clinic, getting enough vitamin D may prevent high blood pressure and protect against certain types of cancer. It may also promote weight loss for women. A growing body of research links heart health to sufficient […]

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