Sperti Vitamin D Sunlamp


The Only FDA recognized Vitamin D Light box!

The only sun lamp to get Vitamin D from UV light the natural way! Solid construction and easy to use. No assembly required!

Each Vitamin D Light Box comes to you with:
4 proprietary Vitamin D producing bulbs, 8 foot heavy duty power cord, and protective eye wear.


Get Vitamin D the natural way!

The Sperti Vitamin D Light Box is the only recognized ultraviolet light box for Vitamin D product in the human body:

  • Easy to use. Bulbs are installed and no assembly required
  • Contains 4 proprietary Vitamin D producing bulbs with a 1,000 hour average bulb life
  • No warm-up period needed. Sessions can begin immediately
  • Durable carrying handle mounted on top of box for easy moving and storage
  • Energy efficient and solid construction
  • Safety features including emergency on/off switch, timer with maximum 5 minutes exposure time, timed session from 1-5 minutes and two pairs of protective UV eye wear
  • One year warranty to original owner

Additional information

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 22 × 6 in
Line Voltage

120V AC


quiet electric ballast


vertical only


highly durable metal


convenient carrying handle


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