Bright Light Therapy

What is bright light therapy?

Light therapy involves exposure to intense light, which enters the eye, hits the retina and is transmitted by nerve impulses to the pineal gland which controls melatonin secretion, and thereby sets the body’s internal clock or circadian rhythm. Depending on when the light is presented, the circadian rhythm, which controls sleep timing and daytime alertness, is shifted ahead or delayed.

Bright light therapy consists of sitting close to the light box with eyes open so that the light shines on the user’s face. Looking directly at the light is not necessary

Light therapy can help treat symptoms of:

How to use a light therapy box:

The average person should use a light box for 30 minutes per session, sitting directly in front of their unit. The user can sit in front of it a little further away for a longer period of time, but they should be sure the light is somehow entering through their eyes (not the side of their face). 

The distance the user sits from their device depends on which light they’re using. Most light therapy devices require you to sit about six inches from the light. All Alaska Northern Lights devices allow you to sit at least 2 feet away and still receive the therapeutic benefits of 10,000 Lux.

Read the studies:

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