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Alaska Northern Lights has been working with VA facilities across the nation to provide veterans with medical-grade NorthStar 10,000s  for more than fifteen years. Doctors can prescribe veterans suffering from depression, sleep disorders, mental health disorders, and more a light therapy device to improve symptoms.

Light therapy has been proven to treat the following in Veterans:

Northstar light boxes provided to veterans since 1993!​

Avoid the common side effects of antidepressants

Light therapy is proven to be a natural way of treating depression. Light therapy doesn’t have the same common side effects as antidepressants and can be used as an alternative to or in conjunction with antidepressants. Some of the most common side effects of antidepressants are: 

How light therapy can treat the symptoms of your disorder:

How to purchase a NorthStar 10,000:

If you have any questions, please call us at 800-880-6953.

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