Sperti Vitamin D Light Box

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The Only FDA recognized Vitamin D Light box!

The only sun lamp to get Vitamin D from UV light the natural way! Solid construction and easy to use. No assembly required!

Each Vitamin D Light Box comes to you with:
4 proprietary Vitamin D producing bulbs, 8 foot heavy duty power cord, and protective eye wear.

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Get Vitamin D the natural way!

The Sperti Vitamin D Light Box is the only recognized ultraviolet light box for Vitamin D product in the human body:

  • Easy to use. Bulbs are installed and no assembly required
  • Contains 4 proprietary Vitamin D producing bulbs with a 1,000 hour average bulb life
  • No warm-up period needed. Sessions can begin immediately
  • Durable carrying handle mounted on top of box for easy moving and storage
  • Energy efficient and solid construction
  • Safety features including emergency on/off switch, timer with maximum 5 minutes exposure time, timed session from 1-5 minutes and two pairs of protective UV eye wear
  • One year warranty to original owner

Additional information

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 22 × 6 in
Line Voltage

120V AC


quiet electric ballast


vertical only


highly durable metal


convenient carrying handle

3 reviews for Sperti Vitamin D Light Box

  1. J.T.


    “My vitamin D was very low. My doctors wanted me to get out in the sun more and take additional D supplements. Being in the wintertime, sun is sometimes hard to find and when it is out it is usually very gold – not my kind of walking or sitting out in weather. This machine gives me the dose of vitamin D I need daily in only 5 minutes a day. It really helps raise my spirits as well. Good bye cold walks and damaging sun on my skin. This machine replaces what I need without the damage.”

  2. E.G.


    “It alleviates my mood in seconds. I would call it “happy lamp” 🙂 Feels like having a sun bath. I have pretty fair skin, but it works great for me after 3 min of use on every part of my body. I spend 15 min. 2-3 times a week and feel full of energy after using this lamp.”

  3. S.D.


    “If you are reading this, you are probably all too familiar with what I am about to say. I have severely low Vitamin D blood levels having been diagnosed as such by my doctor in late 2013. It has caused me to feel tired, depressed and weak in the fall and winter months. I had physical symptoms as well, with stomach aches, tendinitis in several areas and very real feelings of dread and despair that were so bad that it would almost keep me home from work on some days. Vitamin D capsules helped, but only a little. Frustrated with my situation and determined to feel better I conducted my own research on Vitamin D deficiency and it eventually led me to this lamp.



    I have been using it for the past several weeks and I felt a difference almost immediately. My feelings of dread have receded, my energy levels are back up and my tendinitis is improved across the board. I am not a doctor and I cannot offer medical advice. However, I have no problems telling you that Vitamin D deficiency is no joke for people like me (darker skin, works indoors, limited success with Vitamin D capsules), and this lamp has helped me tremendously.”

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