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Twin sisters launching a business to counter winter blues in Duluth

What:Duluth, MN (Duluth News Tribune): Duluth is going to have a light-therapy bus. Twin sisters Katherine and Sue York, 54, have a 1998, 16-passenger bus brightly painted red on the outside and lit with 10,000 lumens of light on the more

Fact Sheet

What: Sufferers of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), a form of clinical depression. Up to 25 percent of those living in northern latitudes experience varying degrees of SAD during winter months when there is less natural more

CBS's "The Morning Blend"

Alaska Northern Lights founder Cort W. Christie - The Morning Blend on CBS talking about the Aurora LightPad™ with hosts Mary Nelson and Mike DiGiacomo. Cort covers topics such as Seasonal Affective Disorter (S.A.D.) and the benefits of light more

Celebrities Among 30–40 % of Americans Who Report Insomnia

Celebrities with sleep disorders are legendary… Mariah Carey, tweets about hers. Steve Martin, Kid Rock and many new celeb moms like Gwen Stefani complain about having trouble getting enough sleep when chasing toddlers all day. Late celebrities Michael Jackson, Heath more

Alaska Northern Lights - Tiredness News - First for Women

You might not think the right light could undo years of tiredness, weight gain and brain fog, but it did for Linda Macek - in just days! Beep...beep...beep! Linda groggily raised her head from the pillow and squinted at the screeching alarm more

Alaska Northern Lights Offers Bright Light Therapy to Combat Common Health Problems

Alaska Northern Lights ( manufactures a Bright Light Therapy box that aids in treating chronic health problems such as seasonal affective disorder (SAD), depression, bipolar disorder and sleep more

Alaska Northern Lights Observes Sleep Awareness Week

Alaska Northern Lights (, manufacturer of a Bright Light Therapy box that aids in treating chronic sleep disorders, is observing National Sleep Awareness Week, March 7- more

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