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Light therapy devices are becoming more popular at universities across the country. 

Especially at universities in colder, darker states, bright light therapy is being offered to students who are struggling to focus, suffering from depression, or just want a pick-me-up on a dark day.

Light therapy can naturally help students:

The Light Therapy Cliffsnotes

Light therapy ideas to brighten your university

Why Alaska Northern Lights?

Aurora LightPad Mini

10,000 Lux in light therapy is crucial. While any light can be considered 10,000 Lux, what’s important is how far you can sit away from it. If a light isn’t bright enough, it will only be 10,000 Lux if you sit within a few inches of it. 

All Alaska Northern Lights devices allow you to comfortably sit at least 24 inches away. The average alternative device requires you to be within at least 8 inches.  

"The Aurora LightPad Mini got me out of bed, functional, and the most surprising benefit was my pain level went way down. I follow a stringent diet (similar to what Alaska Northern Lights website recommends), exercise when I can, and take supplements for additional benefits for my condition. I was able to enroll in college less than a year later from when I started using the light, and I’m now in my sophomore year going for a bachelor’s degree. The Aurora LightPad Mini helps me keep a schedule, my mood and energy stable, and the pain to a minimum all year round. Instead of surviving severe pain and immobility, I’m enjoying life and looking forward to the future of earning my bachelor’s degree and what will come after."


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