When To Use Light Therapy

The winter months are quickly approaching and it’s almost time to bring out that light box again. For people who suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) during the winter, you’ll want to take action soon to prevent any symptoms from ever appearing. During SAD season, it is recommending to use your light box every morning for about 30 minutes. If you skip a day, you will probably notice that you don’t have as much energy as you’d like.

Starting light box therapy for SAD before symptoms hit is very important. We recommend to start using your light boxes sometime in September so that your body can get readjusted to the extra amount of light and you can start feeling the benefits before your symptoms even start. When doing this, it is the hope that your symptoms will never present themselves due to the extra amount of serotonin your body is producing thanks to the light therapy box. As long as you get into a rhythm and continue using your light throughout the whole season, you can say goodbye to dreading SAD during winter months.