What is LUX?

Dictionary definition:

LUX Pronunciation: (luks), —n.—pl. luces Pronunciation: (lOO’sEz).

A unit of illumination, equivalent to 0.0929 foot-candle and equal to the illumination produced by luminous flux of one lumen falling perpendicularly on a surface one meter square.

LUX is a unit of light measurement – basically, it’s the amount of light that is emitted for your body to absorb. The higher the number, the brighter the light source.

To get the most beneficial light therapy, it is important to have a 10,000 LUX Light Box.

When looking for a light box, make sure you know the distance at which 10,000 LUX is illuminated. Some companies advertise their products as 10,000 LUX but fail to mention that you need to have it 10 inches away in order to get the benefit. With less than a foot of room, you will basically be holding the unit in front of your face for the entire 30 minutes. Our boxes, however, emit 10,000 LUX at between 24-30 inches (depending on the product). This gives you more versatility with how and where you can use the light!