Website Tour

Looking for a new light therapy box can be overwhelming. There is so much information about each box and their uses that you may not know where to start. Here is a website guide to help you know where to look.

When you first come to our website’s homepage, you will see a menu bar with options for: Home, Our Products, Education, Reviews, About Us, Photos, Videos and Compare Us. Each of these tabs will direct you to a specific category of light box/light therapy information.

Under the Our Products tab, you will find links to view each of our products. If you click on “View All Products” you will get a list view of every product as well as their price and small details about it. Instead of going to All Products, you can also just click on one specific light and then you will be directed to that Product’s page. These pages show you photos of the light and give you all of the information you need to know about it.

Also under the Our Products tab, you will find a Product Info section that leads you to the light box Insurance Form, User Guides and other important information you may need to know before making your decision.

Next we have the Education tab. This is the section where you can find tons of information about light therapy, light boxes and what these lights are used to treat.

Our Review section gives you the chance to view some feedback from real light therapy users. Each light box has Customer reviews as well as Professional reviews.

The About Us tab gives you access to our contact information, a history of our company, a link to our blog and the terms and conditions for when you place your order. Under this tab you can also find a link to register your new light’s warranty.

The next 2 tabs are perfect for anyone that is not sure exactly what the light boxes look like. The Photos and Videos tabs give you access to every angle of these units as well as some great in use shots to better be able to understand how they work.

Lastly, we have the Compare Us section. This is where you will find charts to not only compare our products with one another but you can also compare our lights with competitors lights. This section is a great way to narrow down your choice if you can’t decide which light will be best for you. is a pretty easy website to navigate, but it is always good to know exactly where you need to look. If you ever have any questions about something you read, please give our office a call at: 800-880-6953