Vitamin D and Light Therapy

All around the world, people are suffering from Seasonal Depression; while an even more common problem people face is Vitamin D deficiency. With the many different types of light therapy boxes, all of those problems can be solved by using Vitamin D for depression.

Light boxes that are primarily used to treat Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) don’t help with boosting Vitamin D levels because you have to use them for about 30 minutes every day and exposure to that much UV can be dangerous to your skin and eyes. The only FDA recognized Vitamin D box on the market is the Sperti Vitamin D Light Box. While this box is only used for 2-5 minutes every other day, it truly does raise Vitamin D levels in just a few short months. When using this light, each week you will rotate the exposure site to insure one area of your body doesn’t get too much exposure (i.e. 1 week you can have the therapy light shining on your chest/upper torso and the next week you’ll have the light shining towards your back, etc.).

Here is a link to learn more about the Sperti Vitamin D Light Therapy Box: