Types of Light Therapy

With light therapy, there are many different types of lights and uses for them. While some lights are to help with internal issues you may be experiencing, other lights will be used to help with more external or cosmetic problems. Here is a break down of the different types of light therapy and their uses.

White Light Therapy – this light (also known as broad spectrum) is what is used in all 3 of our light therapy boxes. This type of light does not emit any type of UV rays, so it won’t have any effect on your skin. These bright white lights are used to help the brain produce serotonin. With serotonin being released in the morning, it can help give you energy and lift your mood in order to get you through the day and correct your body’s circadian rhythm. White light therapy is used to treat things like: seasonal depression (SAD), non-seasonal depression, PTSD, sleep disorders, jetlag and more.

Blue Light Therapy – these lights are also known as full spectrum. They emit UV rays that can be used to treat skin conditions or can be filtered out to aid in the production of serotonin. When using a full spectrum, blue light to help with serotonin production it is very important to make sure that all UV rays are completely filtered out in order to avoid any harm or damage to the eyes. Blue light can be used to help with many different skin conditions like: enlarged oil glands, improving skin texture and removing sun spots or acne scars.

Red Light Therapy – this type of light can be used to treat skin issues like wrinkles and scars. These units are mainly used to target different areas of the face to help with cosmetic conditions. There are also some red light therapy units that are used to treat muscles and joints or even pain management.

Yellow Light Therapy – this light is used mainly to treat areas of the face. The soothing effects of this soft light can be used to treat skin conditions like: rosacea, inflammation and UV radiation.

Green Light Therapy – while also for more cosmetic uses, this type of light can help with conditions like: dilated capillaries, under-eye circles and hyperpigmentation.