The Different Forms of Seasonal Affective Disorder

The Different Forms of Seasonal Affective Disorder

These are some of the symptoms you can expect to find in most aspects of your life. If you find that you’re out of sorts during the winter, pay particular attention to winter-onset SAD. If you find that summer is especially difficult for you, see if your symptoms match up with summer-onset SAD. Finally, if you feel great during the spring and summer but other people find you difficult to deal with, check the symptoms for reverse SAD.

Winter-Onset SAD

Winter-Onset depression occurs during the winter months but not during the rest of the year. This type of SAD evokes a lack of interest in activities you would otherwise enjoy through the warm, summer months. Fatigue and low energy are often symptoms of Winter-Onset SAD, commonly leading to disinterest in completing simple tasks at work and at home. Oversleeping is also a common symptom, causing the affected to sleep in excess of anywhere from 2-8 hours more than they generally sleep during the summer. Additional symptoms include overeating – particularly sweet, starchy foods, resulting in weight gain as well as thoughts of suicide and overall despair.

Summer-Onset SAD

Summer-Onset SAD depression occurs during the summer, manifesting as an irritability and anxiety toward manners that wouldn’t normally trouble you during the winter months. Aggression, as well as a lack of caution in potentially dangerous situations are additional effects of Summer-Onset SAD, as is insomnia, causing you to sleep far fewer hours than you normally would during the winter. Increased sex drive or a lack of rational regarding appropriate sexual behaviour also occurs in many people affected with Summer-Onset SAD, in additional to poor appetite and weight loss. Thoughts of suicide and self harm are also common symptoms of this type of depression.

Reverse SAD

Reverse SAD manifests itself with an unnatural euphoria, hyperactivity, increased social interaction, an over enthusiastic attitude in addition to an overdeveloped sex drive. In extreme cases, people may take on an aggressive aspect to their personality, displaying the illusion that they are invulnerable to harm.

If you fit any of the above statements you may suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder. It is suggested that you seek professional therapy. SAD light therapy lights are an effective treatment for Seasonal Affective Disorder which can eliminate your physical symptoms and alleviate your depression over a course of short, daily exposures. However, should your physical symptoms disappear, but reform internally into feelings of guilt, it may be an indicator of a much larger problem and you are urged to seek medical attention promptly.