Take Charge of Your Mornings

Are you perpetually late to work because you never seem to be able to get out of bed? The minute you wake up and think you should get out of bed, you hit the snooze button on your alarm clock and tell yourself, “just another two minutes, and then I’ll be up” and the next time you open your eyes you’re already horribly late for the day!

This can happen to anyone, but most people would jump out of bed right then and get into the fast-forward mode and still make it on time. But if you have Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), chances are that you start thinking along the lines of “What’s the point, I’m late anyway… and I don’t feel awake enough to get up and go…”

So what should you do to break out of this despairing routine, or rather non-routine? Here are some steps you may consider:

  • Use an Alarm Clock that you cannot reach and therefore cannot press the snooze-button. If you must get up to reach the clock, by the time you have done it, the change in your position will have woken you up a bit.
  • Get out of bed as soon as the alarm rings. Place your feet on the ground and get up. This is the best way to jump start your day!
  • Set yourself a fixed routine and don’t change it for anything. Once you have a fixed routine that is simple, it’ll be easier to keep going.
  • Start your day with a glass or water and your daily dose of caffeine – coffee or tea. The initial little kick of caffeine will help wake you up.
  • Get into an activity and exercise routine that you enjoy. This will get your circulation up, and increase oxygen in your body. Thus you get a kick of renewed energy.
  • Take a shower. Splash some cold water on your face. Stand under a warm shower and then change to cold. And when you are drying yourself be rigorous with the towel.
  • Don’t go back to bed, at any cost. Whatever you think, or feel or tell yourself, do not go back to bed. Your goal is to get dressed and get out!
  • And don’t leave any boring chores like laying out clothes and packing your bag etc. for the morning. This will keep stress to a minimum and help you fight the urge to go back to bed!
  • Users can also consider a Dawn Simulator that will help with light therapy. Dawn Simulators gradually light up your room, to time with your alarm clock. Even bright light once you’ve woken up will help get you up, keep you up and keep your mood up!

SAD will cause sleep problems, and since it is seasonally affecting, it will get worse post-fall. It would seem irritating if someone told you, only you can make a change, but the truth is you CAN do it if you break it up into these simple steps. Take each at a time, and be positive, because you WILL succeed!