Seasonal Depression – How To Deal With It

A lot of similar questions are not uncommon for specialists in psychology.

But people not always turn for help. Despite the growing popularity of psychotherapy, the vast majority of the population prefers to solve personal problems by themselves, and unfortunately, more often in totally unacceptable ways. For example, few people understand what to do during the autumn depression, and few are aware that the seasonal illness may become more severe and prolonged. And it is light seasonal depression that in most cases develops in severe depressive disorders. The following recommendations of psychologists suggest what to do during the depression, and how to help loved ones:

  • First of all you should make sure that the cause of the ill health and mental strain is depression. In many cases, depression is a sign of a more serious illness that cannot be cured without treating depression;
  • To figure out what to do during depression, it is important to identify its causes, determine what kind of thoughts, events or fears cause negative feelings. It will be more efficient to have a diary in which to record all the suggested causes and possible ways to overcome them;
  • Another important prerequisite for overcoming depression is considered the need to fully live this condition. You can speak about the experiences out loud, you can describe them in a personal diary, but in no case you should repress them. This also applies to the aid of relatives, you should give them a chance to sound off, understand you’re wanted and important;
  • Physical activity is a necessary condition for overcoming depression. You can reflect on the causes and wait when it becomes better. But if the body is not getting the correct portions of oxygen, it won’t get better, and it will most likely become worse;
  • Do not neglect professional help. The consultation of the competent specialist will find and correctly work on the causes of depression and will help create new opportunities for personal growth and development.

Techniques to combat seasonal depression

Special attention should be given to seasonal depression. Consider ways of overcoming the depression on the example of autumn depression:

First of all, as with other depressive disorders, it is necessary to establish the causes. Despite what would seem to be the main cause is the seasonal adjustment of the organism, it is actually a depression associated with unresolved personal experiences. For many people, the natural phenomena taking place in autumn is identified with the personal situation in life. Such associations give boost to troubling thoughts of emotional devastation. Having identified these thoughts and feelings it will be easier to figure out what to do with the autumn depression in the first place.

The quality of the food is very often underestimated, although it has a significant impact on the emotional state. This is especially important in the case seasonal depression, one reason being the lack of vitamins. Not knowing what to do during the autumn depression, you should start with the easiest – maintain a balanced diet, rich in vitamins and microelements;

If, during depression there is a sense of sadness, pointlessness of existence, for no apparent reason, new beginnings can help. But if the emotional devastation is caused by emotions, on the contrary a good holiday should be organized. The same goes for assistance to relatives. For example, if the husband has autumn depression what the wife should do: try to do something or give him the opportunity to stay alone? Both options can be effective, and can exacerbate the condition, so it is very important to feel what the person is missing – activities, enhancing self-esteem, new sensations, or simply to rest, to recuperate.

Of course, these recommendations for overcoming depression are not sufficient. In each case, depression takes place individually, and what is effective for some patients, may be completely ineffective for others. But on the basis of such simple guidelines everyone can find appropriate solutions to the problem and help themselves or the loved ones to cope with depression.