SAD Lamp therapy really works

sad lampGetting through the dark, cold, winter can really be tough for some people, but the SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) lamp can be exactly what some people need to make it to the end of the gloomy season.

The SAD lamp really works and will bring some comfort from those suffering from not only SAD, but also depression, bipolar disorder, circadian rhythm disorder, sleep disorder and the winter blues. Light therapy, which is what is provided by the SAD lamp, is needed for some people when they do not get enough natural sunlight in their lives. The lamp aims to help people stay awake in the day time and be ready to go to sleep at night time.

SAD lamps will help improve our health, mood and behavior in the winter when we cannot get what we need from natural sunlight, which is lessoned in the winter time. Alaska Northern Lights lamps have worked for many people and will work for you.

SAD Lamps in Action

Patrick W., from Alpharetta, GA, says, “I really appreciate my SAD light, especially come winter, but I use it anytime the weather gets dark for more than a day. I find it really improves my mood, and I almost hate to turn it off.” We want you to find the same results, and get the same relief, as Patrick W. If you have been wondering if a SAD lamp will really work for you, we are here to tell you that it will.

The SAD lamp works for Hilary H. from Hayward, CA. She says, “I purchased a light box from Alaska Northern Lights and it changed my life…Once I got the distance/time/days per week settled, it worked great, and better than any medication. Now I will never have to spend another depressing winter and spring again! Wahoo!”

Generally, the SAD therapy light treatment involves being in front of a specific bright light for a specific time each day. While ordinary light bulbs give out a light intensity of about 200-500 lux, a SAD lamp has bulbs that emit at least 2500 lux – much brighter than that of the bulb you have in your side table lamp. We recommend starting the light therapy treatment in the fall months, before your symptoms begin.

Starting your light therapy every day, in the morning, is a good routine. Your doctor will be able to tell you if a SAD lamp might be an effective way to treat you over the course of the winter season. If a natural light therapy lamp for SAD is recommended for you, give yourself some relief through the winter and order one today.

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