SAD In The Work Place

Every year, people all over the world suffer from seasonal depression. While working with depression, it can be very difficult to get everyday tasks done. Light Therapy is the perfect way to treat your Seasonal Affective Disorder without taking medications. With a light box, you can get your bright light therapy while you are checking your emails every morning because it is small enough to fit on your desk! For people that are suffering from SAD or depression at work, here are some tips to help make your work place happier and brighter.

Symptoms of SAD:

  • low energy level
  • lack of motivation
  • low mood
  • feelings of stress/anxiety
  • feeling sleepy all day
  • loss of interest in things you normally love

Treatment for SAD:

  • Bright Light Therapy with a 10,000 LUX light box
  • spend more time in natural sunlight
  • do more physical activities/exercise

Always remember that symptoms of SAD and depression are temporary! Focus on getting through one day at a time and the bright and happy days will be here before you know it.