Preventing SAD

When the seasons start to change, Seasonal Affective Disorder symptoms start to present themselves. For someone that suffers from SAD, you’ll want to make changes before symptoms start in order to prevent your depression from setting in. Here are some depression prevention ideas to ward off those unwanted seasonal depression symptoms.

  • Light Therapy – a light box is the perfect way to help with SAD. Start using your light around early September to help ward off any symptoms before they even show up. Use the light box throughout the entire winter to help boost your mood and give you energy.
  • Find hobbies you enjoy – making time for things you love can help keep your spirits high and keeps your mind away from the coming seasons.
  • Take a trip – even if it’s just for 1 day, a trip can help get you away from the repetitive patterns of everyday life. Going to visit friends and family is also a great idea to help keep your mood lifted and your mind off SAD.
  • Try something new – once a week, try to find something new to do (i.e. local events like fairs or exhibitions, restaurants, clubs) When we try new things, it helps give us an open mind and gives us something to look forward to. Who knows, you might find something that you love!