Light Therapy for Sleep Disorders

The reasons for using a SAD light box for sleep disorders are diverse, however one of the main incentives is to reduce, or even eliminate, seasonal depression. In the winter months, daily sunlight is limited, so a light box can fix this problem, by adding some light during one’s sleep time. Some people work in offices or areas that do not employ windows. They get off of work only to find that darkness has set in; so in actuality they do not see much light for several months. These individuals seem to develop low energy, and fatigue problems.

A light box can really help these individuals in regard to their sleep deprivation. Of course, we all know that the sun is a great source of light, always   working as an antidepressant. So, when you do not have the “real thing”, a substitute is the next best possible scenario; and this is just what the SAD light is- a great way to replace natural light!

An light box helps an individual improve the following aspects of his/her life:

  • Assists in a¬† good night‚Äôs sleep
  • Enhances one‚Äôs overall health
  • Maximizes one‚Äôs energy level
  • Improves a person‚Äôs mood and helps with mood changes

Many people who have the symptoms related to SAD will experience extreme moodiness, as well as a loss of interest in just about everything they attempt to encounter. These symptoms can affect their personal lives, as well as their professional ones. They can also lead to less productivity, which might lead to the loss of a job, a divorce, etc. Their moods can shift leading to even more negative problems. Other symptoms of this condition might include weight gain and excessive sleeping, both of which can eventually add to a more non productive lifestyle.

Most people know that they should get approximately 15 minutes of natural sunlight per day to obtain the recommended amount of  vitamin D for a healthy body, however if this is not possible, then the SAD light should be considered. A light box can help you gain control of your life again.