Light Therapy for Non-Seasonal Depression

When you think of light therapy, most people associate it with SAD or Seasonal Affective Disorder. While it is very common to use light therapy as a treatment of SAD, it can do so much more.

For someone that is battling non-seasonal depression, using a light box for 30 minutes each morning can make a huge difference. Even though it may be light outside, you might not be getting out as much as you would like. The bright light exposure of a light box helps your body produce serotonin which is what give us energy and lifts our mood. When using light therapy to treat non-seasonal depression, you will want to continue using the light for as long as the symptoms persist – you do not need to only use the light during the dark days of winter.

It is also a great idea to take daily vitamins and eat healthy, vitamin rich foods. When our body is low in certain vitamins, it can aid in depressive symptoms. With a healthy diet and a little bright light exposure, you could be back to your old self again!