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The Aurora LightPad™ LED Light Box

With so many choices of light therapy boxes on the market these days, we at Alaska Northern Lights have decided to “shed some light” on one of our favorite light therapy boxes – The Aurora LightPad™ LED Light Box.

light-therapy-boxesThe Aurora LightPad™ light box is one of the largest LED light therapy boxes on the market today. This incredible light therapy box uses 600 bright white LED lights to help you in combating the symptoms of seasonal affective disorder. The great thing about LED light bulbs is that they have a longer lifespan than other light bulbs. Since LED bulbs are much smaller and more durable than fluorescent light bulbs the Aurora LightPad™ light box is super compact for travel purposes. Although LED light bulbs cost more to produce, they last much longer – ultimately saving you money. While incandescent light bulbs burn out as soon as their filament breaks, LED lights don’t have a filament and therefore don’t burn out as easily. This means that the lights in your Aurora LightPad™ light therapy box will last up to 100 times longer than a normal incandescent bulb.

If you are still unsure as to what is so special about the Aurora LightPad™ light box we have a few other features up our sleeve that we would like to tell you about. First off the Aurora LightPad™ light box is a light therapy box that has a 10,000 lux range at 30 inches. This feature becomes significant when you begin to understand the importance of the 10,000 lux and distance rating. As studies have shown, light therapy is most effective when a person is within a 10,000 lux brightness range of light for twenty to thirty minutes. A light that has a 10,000 lux range of 30 inches means that you would need to sit within a 30 inch distance from the light for your prescribed duration. This range is far more comfortable than the range of other competitor light therapy boxes that may require a 10,000 lux range of 12 inches. It is also more convenient to have this 10,000 lux range of 30 inches as it allows you to receive the full effect and benefit of your light therapy box while providing a wider ambit of movement during usage. What’s more is that owing to the low-high intensity controls on your Aurora LightPad™ LED Light Box, you are able to choose the best level of brightness to reach your desired comfort level. An extra bonus that the Aurora LightPad™ LED Light Box has to offer is a built in, fully adjustable stand allowing you to control the angle of the light with thirteen different angle options.

Now that you have been introduced to the Aurora LightPad™ LED Light Box why not enhance your mood and increase your energy in a natural way by calling Alaska Northern Lights today!