Light Therapy At The Gym?

t’s that time of year again when many are starting to fall off the wagon in terms of keeping up with their New Year’s resolutions.

And for the 13 million Americans who suffer from seasonal affective disorder (SAD), it can be even harder for them to stay motivated.

But a new light therapy class at the New York Sports Club (NYSC) could help alleviate the depression symptoms associated with SAD.

Dr. Martica Heaner, exercise physiologist and nutritionist for NYSC, has created a new class designed to help participants beat the winter blues by exposing them to light as they work out.

“We wanted to develop a class that sort of captured the different elements that will not only burn calories and help you burn fat and lose weight, but will actually help boost your mood,” Heaner said.

The class starts with a boost of cardio to get endorphins flowing.  Then participants do yoga and meditation, but they keep their eyes somewhat open so they can absorb some of the rays from the light box.

The gym chain is currently offering the class at New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Maryland and Washington, D.C. locations.
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