Overcoming SAD

light-box-therapyThose with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) know the important role that light box therapy can play in a person’s life over the course of the winter and spring. When natural sunlight is lessoned at that time of year, many people develop SAD. But they can overcome the symptoms of SAD with light box therapy.


The symptoms of SAD often begin in the fall, so that is when the corresponding light box therapy should also begin. Symptoms include having a difficult time waking up in the morning, decreased energy, craving starchy foods with a corresponding weight gain, and a difficulty concentrating. When SAD is at its peak in December and January, when daylight hours have decreased the most, some people also withdraw from their friends and family, experiencing a full blown depression.

Rather than repeat this difficult life course every fall and winter, why not try light box therapy? You can be in control of making yourself feel better when you purchase a light box from Alaska Northern Lights. Light box therapy includes bulbs with a light intensity of at least 2500 lux…making them much stronger than those bulbs you currently have at home. Your light box aims to do the same thing for you that sitting next to a sunny window would do for you in the summer.

The Solution

With light box therapy, you could start noticing an improvement from your SAD symptoms within a few days. Light box therapy is the most established treatment for these symptoms, and it is thought that about 80% of those suffering from SAD will feel an improvement in symptoms.

How long you need to be near the bright light in light box therapy varies for each individual suffering from SAD. Generally, most people find it an effective treatment when they spend 30 minutes to up to three hours a day near the bright lights, usually in the morning time. If you are suffering from SAD, there is a very good chance that light box therapy will help you overcome it. You don’t have to suffer every year any more. Light box therapy might be the answer to your winter blues.

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