How To Use Your Light Box

When using a light box, it is important to use it properly and on a schedule to insure that you get the most benefit. Here is some light box information to get the most out of your light box:

  1. Have the light set at the designated distance.

NorthStar 10,000: 24 inches

Aurora LightPad Mini: 25 inches

Aurora LightPad Max: 30 inches

2. Use the light within the first 2 hours of awaking for about 20-45 minutes every day.

3. Since our light boxes use broad spectrum bulbs, there is no UV, so the light needs to get absorbed through your eyes in order for it to be                            effective. Have the light box at an angle where it is able to shine on the front of your face.

4. You do not need to stare directly into the light. You can have the light off to the side a little while you are doing other activities (i.e. watching TV,            eating, reading, etc.) just make sure that the unit is far enough forward that both of your eyes are able to absorb the light.

5. The light will help give you energy, so it is not recommended to use the light past 1-2 pm or it could disturb your sleep cycle.

With these helpful tips, you should be on your way to feeling more energized in no time.