FREE Replacement Light Bulbs

We’ve Got A Deal For You!

It’s time to replace your light box bulbs for the season, and we want you to have them for FREE!

We truly believe that all of our customers are apart of our family. We would like to capture stories on how our light box has helped change our customers lives. Whether it is noticing the difference from only the first few weeks of use or the fact that you have been using your North Star 10,000 for years, we want to hear it all!

We would love to see you with your light box in use, too! Along with your testimonial, we ask that you send us a picture of you using your light box. We would love to have you join our Customer Photo section of our website.

For your help we would like to extend a thanks and send you two FREE light bulbs to show our appreciation.

To receive your FREE light bulbs, follow these 3 easy steps:

  1. Write a quick testimonial on why you love your light box.
  2. Take a picture of you using your light box
  3. Email your testimonial and picture to

Once we receive your information, we will mail you your free bulbs! It is that easy! This is a $52 value; offer ends September 30th!

Don’t wait another minute to take advantage of this great deal and spruce up your light box with a pair of fresh bulbs!