Don’t fall into the weight gain trap this season

Did you know that most people gain weight in the fall? We have a tendency to eat 200 calories (mostly from carbohydrates) more per day during fall months. That can unfortunately translate into 3-4 pounds per year.

I cannot think of one person who is saying bring it on, love all that weight gain, uncomfortable clothing, increased risk for chronic disease, starving to get the weight off, and low self-efficacy associated with the weight gain. The best coaching advice I can give you is, do not put the weight on this fall. By simply knowing the reasons weight gain is common in the fall, can help you avoid it.

So why in the world do most people gain weight in the fall?…

…>> Seasonal Affective disorder (a type of mood disorder that is caused by lack of light): There is a relationship between light and depression. Kurt Krauchi, a scientist at the Psychiatric University Clinic in Basel, Switzerland, studied patients with seasonal affective disorder.He found that they ate more carbohydrates, particularly sweets but also starch rich foods, during their depression in winter, and their intake could be reduced with light therapy. My suggestion is that when the light is out, bundle up and go outside.  Just because it’s cold, don’t let that keep you indoors.

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