Bulb Clips

When you receive your new NorthStar 10,000 Light Box, you will need to install the bulbs. For protection during shipping, the bulbs are wrapped in bubble wrap and placed inside the light box. Page 6 of your instruction manual will walk you through the steps of getting those bulbs installed. The final step before you close up the box will ask you to secure the bulbs in place with the bulb clips. Bulb clips are the clear plastic pieces that are used to hold the bulbs securely in place inside the light box. Each bulb will need 2 light bulb clips – one will already be stuck in place inside the reflector (mirrored panel in light box) and the other will be taped to the inside of the lamp, next to the socket.

When you plug your bulb into the socket, the opposite end of the bulb will rest into the lower bulb clip (the one in the reflector). You will then need to use the upper bulb clip (the one that was taped next to the socket) and place it over the lower clip so that it locks into place. When the bulb is fully secured, the set of clips should be locked together and the bulb should not be easily moved. Make sure to do this for both bulbs before closing up your light box.

If you can not find a bulb clip or if you have an old light box and need new clips, give our office a call and we would be happy to send you replacements at no charge. We can be reached at: 800-880-6953