Improve Your Mood With Bright Light Boxes

Bright Light Boxes can improve your moodIf you are someone who finds that your mood, attitude, and life in general, all suffer through the dark, long, winter months, then perhaps you are someone who could benefit from using a bright light box. These tools are used to treat people with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), which is a depression that occurs in the late fall or winter, as well as other types of depression.

Bright light boxes work by exposing those suffering from SAD to artificial light for a set time each day. You sit near the light box with the artificial light mimicking the natural light of the sun, which most people are exposed to more often in the spring and summer. Researchers believe that the light emitted from bright light boxes has an effect on the chemicals in the brain that work to regulate mood.

In addition to helping those suffering from depression get through the dark winter months, research has shown that bright light boxes have been helping in other areas as well. Some people use bright light boxes as a substitute for antidepressants. For example, when a woman is pregnant and it is not safe to take antidepressants, she could try using a bright light box instead. Research is also showing that light boxes help in treating insomnia, jet lag and other disorders.

Bright light boxes work quickly, with some people seeing positive effects within a few days of spending time by the light. It is also safe to use, with relatively few side effects.

If you think that a bright light box may work for you, Alaska Northern Lights has been selling quality products for decades. You shouldn’t have to suffer a mood change just because there is a weather change. Give bright light therapy a try. Brighten your mood, your day and your winter.