Activities To Do While Using Your Light Box

Many people that suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder have been told to begin using a light box to help them recover from their winter depression.  Although many have problems with just sitting in front of their light box, that some shy away from treatment.

You can turn your light box on and sit in front of it everyday from 30 minutes to 2 hours. ¬†You do not have to stare directly at the light box while you are sitting in front of it. ¬†Actually, you shouldn’t, it can be harmful if you have macular degeneration. However, you should still sit directly in front of it.¬† Most doctors recommend using a light therapy box in the morning because that is when it is the most effective.¬† Therefore, it will be helpful if you use it while you are completely morning tasks.¬† Use your light therapy box while you are eating breakfast, reading the newspaper, working on your computer, playing an instrument, watching the television, putting on your makeup or reading a book.

Light therapy may sound expensive; however you can actually purchase a light box and perform regular light therapy treatments at home.  With the North Star 10,000 you only need to be within in 24 inches from it to be effective, it gives you plenty of room to multi task while you get your treatment.



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