5 easy tips to beat the winter blues

Snug inside a balmy chair of warming solitude murmuring, Yeah! It’s right in the midst of winter time again…But, winters can also bring in shift in moods and can make you suffer from a phenomenon called ‘seasonally affected’ or winter depression.

According to medical experts, in some cases, winter blues can develop into seasonal affective disorder, or SAD, which is a type of depression that strikes mostly during the colder months of the year.

It is a common phenomenon during winters when one tends to feel a little de-energised and gloomy. But, a few changes in your lifestyle, eating habits etc can easily make you sail through the winters.

Here are some simple tips how to cope up with seasonal depression in winter by bringing some simple changes around you.

  • Make way for sunlight: Early morning sunlight is believed to be a natural mood booster. Also, exposure to the sun helps regulate one’s internal clock and ensures a good night sleep. But, since its winter time, so we can hardly catch up with the morning rays. So, later in the day, try to sit in a room near a well lit window to get ample amount of the ‘mighty’ sunrays. One can also use a nearby park to take a walk for sometime in the sunlight.
  • Eat right: Eating the right kind of food can also play a vital role in coping up with winter sadness. Choose green vegetables over fried food as they are not just appealing in colour but also provide the right kind of nutrition. Also, consuming foods rich in Vitamin D helps a lot in improving mental health. One can try eating fatty fish, fish oils, fortified milk and egg yolks. One can also try eating lunch out in the sunlight. It would be great if one can cook food outside in the sun and then have it fresh.
  • Exercise is the key: Although winters is that time of the year when one tends to feel more sleepy and dizzy curling up in that cosy blanket, but don’t be a lazy lad. At the time when the weather is lowering our spirits, it is important to motivate yourself to exercise on a cold morning. Try getting out in the sunshine and exercise a little. You can motivate yourself by reminding yourself that but sticking to regular fitness routine is vital to keep yourself in good shape and health.
  • Choose bright colours: Colours are natural mood lifters and to some extent inspire different moods. Bright colours stimulate the mind, intellect, emotions and contribute to the expression of thoughts. So, choose light shades like red, yellow, blue, pink etc to decorate your room and surroundings. Also while choosing clothes go for bright shades as they encourage optimism.
  • Limit alcohol and caffeine intake: Alcohol and caffeine might prove as a temporary mood uplifter, but, can aggravate anxiety and muscle tension if one is facing winter blues. Instead, drink herbal or green tea as it contains natural flavanoids and antioxidants which boosts up your immunity system and energises your spirits leaving you with a happy feeling.