What is LUX anyway?

LUX Pronunciation: (luks), —n., —pl. luces Pronunciation: (lOO'sEz).

A unit of illumination, equivalent to 0.0929 foot-candle and equal to the illumination produced by luminous flux of one lumen falling perpendicularly on a surface one meter square. Symbol: LX. Also called meter-candle.

Basically, it's a unit of light measurement. Higher the number, brighter the light source.

What is the importance of the 10,000 lux and distance rating?

The 10,000 lux measurement is important in light therapy to judge the effectiveness of any particular light box or lamp. Since the 1970’s, studies have shown that light therapy is effective when a person is within a 10,000 lux brightness range of light for twenty to thirty minutes. Our light box has a 10,000 lux range at 24 inches. This is important to consider when shopping around. Many lamps boast of 10,000 lux light, but fail to mention at what distance this is from the light unit. For example, a light that has a 10,000 lux range of twelve inches means that either you would need to sit within a foot from the light for ½ hour, or at a more comfortable two feet you would need to spend one hour to get the same therapeutic effect. You will need to consider what works best for your lifestyle when making your decision.

Light therapy boxes built with some UL-listed parts are not the same as those in which the whole light box has been UL-tested and listed. If a company says it uses UL approved parts, this means the whole light box was not tested. For safety sake, verify this before you buy. It's also against the law to sell electrical appliances that are not UL-listed.

At Alaska Northern Lights, we base our light therapy and light box information on a variety of accepted scientific studies and not on the opinions of a few individuals. Research has shown that in light therapy, the light's intensity is the key, not UV rays. UV rays are considered a liability and a health problem with the eyes and skin. Our light box produces no UV-A or UV-C rays and no measurable amount of UV-B. We block any remaining UV rays with our UV diffuser screen.

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"A patient of mine was telling me how he used to get so depressed and lethargic in the winter until his wife, in depression, bought him an Alaska Northern light. After asking several questions, I was convinced that it could help my husband too. I wasted no time and ordered our own light. After using it for a month, my husband swore it did no good. I talked him in to using it for a whole season and he is glad I did. By 7 weeks of use he was having second thoughts. By the end of 3 months of use here in the Willamette Valley he had completely changed his mind. We are now just starting the 2nd season with the light box and I am looking forward to a good winter, as when one person in a household has SAD, it will affect the rest of the home to one degree or another. I do not personally have trouble with SAD but I do have to admit that getting exposed to the light on a fairly regular basis, I too get 'energized'. In fact my husband says that it 'over energizes' me! I don't mind at all. The light is what I call 'cheery' :) Thank you so much!!! "