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SAD Often Begins in Teens

Changes in mood are fairly typical for teens but when teens experience depression during the winter months, Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) may be the cause. According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), SAD often begins during the teen years and strikes girls four times more often than boys. The symptoms of SAD are the same as those of […]

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Tanning Beds Banned in B.C.

Here is an article about tanning beds being banned for kids and teens in British Columbia. Might give you more insight on why UV rays is harmful, and why we like to use broad spectrum light bulbs in our light box. For those suffering from depression or seasonal depression, what do you think about tanning […]

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Teens Fight the Winter Blues

Invariably there will be boredom during the winter months. Many teens may not deal with it directly. There’s always something else to get in the way be it school work part–time jobs sports or hanging out with friends. But there’s always the misery of being cooped up inside. And as of late it’s been particularly […]

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SAD and Kids

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) doesn’t just affect adults. It strikes children and teenagers, too. As the days get shorter and temperatures dip, some people experience the winter blues. During the winter, some people are vulnerable to depression, fatigue, an increased need for sleep, and difficulty concentrating. These are a few symptoms of winter SAD. SAD […]

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Back to School

Kids, teens and young adults all over the country and starting to head back to school, which means their summer vacation is over. All parents know that it is usually difficult to get your kids to get up in the morning. Some have to resort to turning lights on, slamming doors, pouring ice water on […]

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