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Treating Sleep Disorders With Bright Light Therapy

Before going straight to sleep medications or stimulants for patients with sleep disorders, try prescribing bright light therapy (also called phototherapy). Many find it useful for patients with insomnia, and circadian rhythm disorders such as delayed sleep phase disorder, advanced sleep phase disorder and jet lag. Bright light therapy is also helpful for patients with […]

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Light Therapy Can Improve Sleep Disorders

A new study suggests that doctors who prescribe medications for sleep disorders should try recommending bright light therapy or phototherapy.  The therapy has been found to be effective for those with insomnia and circadian rhythm issues like jet lags, delayed sleep phase disorders. A study of 16 veterans diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder, also known as PTSD, in […]

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Using Light Therapy to Treat PTSD Sleep Disturbances

There have been studies on the use of bright light therapy to improve sleep disturbances linked by combat-related post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).¬† Results are pointing to light therapy significantly improving sleep disturbances related to PTSD as well as moderate improvement in symptoms and depression associated with PTSD. A lot of people who suffer from depression […]

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